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We don't grow alone...
The Scenes from a Single Mom project ensure you don't have to.

Our Latest Volumes

Volume 3: Peace, Purpose, and Power
Volume 4: Wisdom, Willpower, and Wealth
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Scenes-from-A-Single-Mom-Volume-II-Book-Cover-MOCKUP-no-bkgd (1).png

About Scenes From A Single Mom 

Scenes From A Single Mom started as blog in 2011 by Tiffany Huff-Strothers, when she felt compelled to share her journey of being more than “just a single mom.”  She shared transparent, up close and personal insight into her journey to balance the lies of the single mother, baby mama drama stigma with the everyday challenges of being strong enough to manage full time employment, a social life and a healthy, loving home for her two young sons while her roots in the hood constantly threatened to take her under.  The blog soon grew into a community of not only single moms, but women across the country struggling to share their truths, refusing to be defeated by their trials and learning to celebrate their triumphs and successes on their own terms

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Meet the many women who became authorpreneurs and learn more about their passions, drives, and interests.


Listen to live footage of the everyday struggles of being a single mother. 


Keep up to date with our programming, sponsorships, and upcoming events 


Becoming a published author has always been a dream of mine and this experience and ease by having step by step direction is invaluable. 

I definitely recommend aspiring authors to consider book projects and collaborations. Writing as a group with this project definitely creates a sisterhood and also opens doors to new experiences in business and overall life.

This project save my life.... I was broken with nothing else to lose and I didn't believe that I had a story to tell, But GOD used the project and this beautiful group of women to speak life back into me...I am forever grateful for this opportunity!!!

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