Tonya L. Holt

My New Normal

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Tonya  lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with her husband Merrill.  She is an Evangelist, and is a very active member of the White Lily Baptist Church under Pastor Antawn D Coleman. She is a part of the One Voice Choir and the praise team, also the Women’s Ministry whose mission is to show the less fortunate the love of Christ by first meeting their physical needs, and then with compassion present the gospel of Jesus.  She also assists in the New Members Classes. Tonya is a 2017 graduate of The Harty Bible School where she was elected Class Chaplain. She’s on the committee of the Duane Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund where the mission is to help high school graduates with funds for higher education; and a member of West End Power which is a grassroots community committee with a spirit of giving back by doing works of service, educating & support, they identify needs within their community and develop actions to meet those needs, they encourage and motivate participation from all members of the community. Tonya works as a School Bus Driver for the City of Pittsburgh.