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Tanika McBee

Volume I:The Truth Is...

Volume II: Hello, Love? I'm Lost

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     Hey!! I am Ms. Tanika, servant, mother, entrepreneur, Cosmetology Educator, Associate Trichologist and Author. At a young age, I developed a passion for hair. As I matured, I began to take my career more seriously and became the creator and owner of Pure Passion Hair Care LLC now Pure Passion Lifestyle LLC. Passionate about Pure style with a Purpose, operating from the inside out! I am currently working on developing my brand every day. I have been licensed in my profession for over 10 years and absolutely love what I do.

     I have always carried a notebook around to write my thoughts or expressions as they came. As a child, I was writing stories, poems and even songs to sing. To this day I still grab a pen and a pad, even during my work breaks. Thus, authoring has always been a dream of mine. I truly believe in dreams and them coming to fruition. How wonderful is it to be able to transfer your thoughts onto paper for the edification of others and even yourself? 

     My main desire is to make people smile. It is a pleasure to bring out the beauty in you through my hands and my words. Lifting spirits is one of the gifts I believe God has blessed me with and there is nothing I would rather do. Grateful am I to have this opportunity to empower all women around the globe with my stories and hair care. What God has planned for me to do, I am thankful to share with you. I pray my testimonies help to provide healing of the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Stay empowered and be blessed beautiful people!!

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