Sharea A. Carpenter

The Cycle of Denying My Truth


Sharea Carpenter is a community leader and loving mother born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Growing up in one of the city’s most poverty stricken neighborhoods, Sharea was faced with many challenges but she always knew there was more to life than the things she saw in her everyday environment. She dreamed of going far away, and  used music and reading to escape her circumstances.


A teen mother, she refused to let childbirth be a setback, instead she saw her situation as a learning experience and wanted to use it as a teaching experience for others. Sharea credits her strong faith and belief system as the the reason she never gave up and continued to persevere. She went on to not only graduate from high school but she also went on to study at Sanford Brown Institute to become a medical assistance specialist.


Today, Sharea is a loving mother of two who she loves and adores. She’s actively involved in her children’s education and extra-curricular activities such as football and after school programs. Her willingness not to give up has allowed her to finally fulfilled one of her dreams of writing her story to inspire other women.  Sharea’s prayer is for her story to help another young woman or young mother who has shared experiences.


She not only plans to release more books but to speak at seminars and to also work as a community advocate in Pittsburgh and beyond.


In her spare time she enjoys gardening, doing yoga, traveling, spending time with her family and most of all fellowshipping with others in her community.


For more information about Sharea Carpenter you can follow her on Instagram @Sharea22 or on Facebook at : Sharea Carpenter.