Rhonda Jordan, There's Still Something in My Cup

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Rhonda Princess Jordan is the devoted mom to three boys; Kavon 14, Angel 9, and Sumir 4.  She believes her God given purpose is to help change the stigma around mental health, and to advocate for mentally ill people and their families. God has provided her with a lot of experience within her own family to understand how much change is needed within the laws to help better serve the mental health community.  In her spare time, she loves to read and listen to music.  She believes her greatest accomplishment in life has been raising responsible young men.  


Rhonda’s greatest aspiration is to create empathy training because she believe empathy is the missing piece in a lot of different aspects of life. Empathy is what allows you to relate to the emotion of another person. If more people understood that you can still understand what a person is coming from even if it is not the same situation. Empathy is what allows you to get common ground to have those difficult conversations. Whether it be about race or politics, I believe empathy is the link to change.


One of her favorite quotes is “ pay it forward.” It was her late maternal grandmother’s favorite saying, and she did her best to live by it.