We don’t grow alone; this book ensures you don’t have to.

Scenes from A Single Mom is your squad of sister friends cheering you on by transparently sharing their truths, trials and triumphs to encourage you as you grow through to become the mother you were purposed to be.  You’ll be empowered to forgive yourself, confront your past and dance through the storms and stigmas as your welcome the sunshine and successes.

You’ll feel like you’re away on a retreat or kicking it on the couch with your girlfriends as you read these stories.  Expect to laugh, cry and nod in recognition as you read these stories of truth, trials and triumph.  As a mother, mother-to-be, grandmother, even if you’ve never considered motherhood, you’re sure to connect with these scenes at your core:

TRUTH - Our journeys always intersect when we embrace our authenticity

TRIALS - Our courage connects us as we persevere through the seemingly impossible

TRIUMPH - Our resilience and determination to be victorious is undeniable, our faith unshakeable

No matter where you find yourself on your motherhood journey, with this book, you’ll know you’re not alone.


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Scenes From A Single Mom Volume 1: Truths, Trials & Triumph

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