Lannea A. Adamson

I'm A Mother Too


Lannea Artrice Adamson, MSW, MPH, LSW, was born and raised in Aliquippa, PA. Her parents tried their best to shield her from her surroundings by sending her to private school and keeping her busy with dance classes. The private school gave her structure, but growing up in Aliquippa gave her resilience.


Who is Lannea? She is a Jane of all trades. Once a dancer doing splits in the air. Now a dancer in the kitchen twirling god-kids. She writes. She paints. She speaks. She creates. She can’t be still and her two businesses reflect just that. Loved Blessed Creative LLC to create and release her artistic side and Lannea Speaks LLC wherein she speaks her truth regarding loss and mental illness and encourage others to do the same.


She loves to learn which is exhibited by her masters in both social work and public health. Being a social worker is her life’s purpose and being a public health practitioner gives her the extra dose of umph that she needs to make an impact on this world.


Above all else, she is a child of God. He has brought her through so many things and that is why she is co-writing this book. She’s a survivor like all the other women writing this book. And...a mother. Except none of her  babies are with her. All three of her babies are in heaven. This fact is a big part of who she is and why she does what she does. If sharing her story can help someone else, then what she has gone through will not be in vain.  

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