Kecia Chantel, It's My Time

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As a serial entrepreneur, Kecia Chantel is a creative visionary who is highly adept at organization and task management. She has spent her life and career helping others in many capacities. Professionally, Kecia has assisted patients with improving their quality of life as an Occupational Therapist and a Certified Case Manager. 


She has always been crafty and good with her hands. In 2014, she picked up a hobby; creating beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.  Since then, Zuri Beads has evolved into a wildly successful business, and community earning her a Business of the Year Award in 2021.


Kecia is passionate about supporting others on their journeys with navigating entrepreneurship and creating generational wealth. She aims to lead by example and to show other women that, “Through God, all things are possible”; which is why she chose to bravely and selflessly share her personal story of walking into her purpose while overcoming life’s challenges which includes championing through domestic violence, and single motherhood.


She is the devoted and proud mother to two little boys, Gregory and Princeton Reese. In her spare time, she enjoys thrifting and home décor shopping


Kecia’s life mission is to empower and pour positivity into women, specifically women of color.