Ja'Lisa L. Brown

I Need A Win!


Ja’Lisa L. Brown was born and raised in the Manchester, located on the NorthSide of Pittsburgh, PA. As a young girl, her dreams and passions were centered around improving her life and those around her. Despite becoming a mother in her teens and early twenties, her thirst for knowledge served as a motivating force that propelled her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business and MBA from Point Park University. Over the years, she has built a reputation with extensive experience navigating the corporate world in financial services, human resources, and benefits and compensation. She is currently a Benefits Specialist with Alcoa Corporation, Pittsburgh, and her relentless thirst for knowledge has led her to pursue a Master of Science in Human Resource Management.


Ja’Lisa’s life can be inexplicably explained by three paradigms: faith, inspiration and empowerment. As a spiritual and religious person of faith, she believes in the practical application of her beliefs to improving her community. During difficult trials, she drew inspiration from her faith, and her mother who served as a strong role model. As a result, she was continually inspired and empowered to endure the difficult times. These times inspired Ja’Lisa to give back by creating ‘A Queen with Purpose, LLC’, a brand geared toward the empowerment of women. By combining her extensive skills and experiences, both personal and professional, she aims to equip women to pursue their aspirations, without fear, hesitation or doubt.


Ja’Lisa is a personal life strategist, aspiring career development coach and a motivational speaker for women. Through ‘A Queen with Purpose, LLC’, she is offering unparalleled access to equip women with the personal and professional skills and tools that they need to embody their aspirations. In short, ‘A Queen with Purpose’ focuses on increasing your faith, inspiration and women empowerment.

Connect with Ja'Lisa:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaLisaBrownMBA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thejalisalashawn/

Website: https://aqueenwithpurpose.com/