Dom P. Brown, Life Beyond Mom Guilt

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Dom P. Brown is the proud, single mother of 5 children affectionately known as her “Fly Five” or her Heartbeats. A Pittsburgh native, she spent her developmental years in Alabama where you grew up extremely fast before moving back home to Pittsburgh.


Through the loss of her sons, Dom has learned she is stronger and has more faith than she ever imagined and now believes her purpose is to help other families who have suffered the loss of children to persevere and get back up, especially when they think they can’t.


In 2019, with the support of M.O.M.S. Group Inc, she hosted a Peace Walk to bring awareness to senseless killings in black and brown communities and intends to do so annually.  To date her greatest accomplishment has been to own her truth and share it in this book and she continues her journey of self-forgiveness and self accountability.  Her greatest aspiration is to start a foundation in her son’s names to support the families of youth lost to violence and suicide.  In her spare time she is reading, creating or spending time with her 3 children.One of her favorite quotes is “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”