LaShesia Holliday

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     When asked about how she became interested in natural hair products and restoration, LaShesia Holliday explained that her own hair journey “started out rough." There was a time when people would, due to the state of her hair, ask if she was doing okay. Now, with a full head of healthy natural hair, she is routinely asked for her maintenance and styling secrets. She also became interested in the world of hair care products at the birth of her premature daughter, Taylor. LaShesia was faced with the duty to help her daughter’s hair grow, and so she began to research the best products and methods for the process. 

     Through her research, she learned all about how to care for natural Black hair and became inspired to discover ways to further serve and improve the lives of the Black community. LaShesia is now the proud owner of Naptural Beauty Supply, which serves as a one-stop-shop for exquisite hair products, bodycare, and other self care items. In addition, she created these items to be all-natural, handmade, and vegan friendly. It is one of LaShesia’s goals to encourage women to learn about their natural hair so they may embrace their beautiful, and natural, selves. 

     LaShesia has earned an Associate’s Degree in Business with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Along with these credentials, she graduated from the Catapult which is a “startup to storefront program” that supplied her with the opportunity to build her business in a retail space in East Liberty. With her passion for supporting the Black community, LaShesia’s business adopted an empowerment initiative that has raised over fifteen-thousand dollars to be given back to the community. She serves as a board member for Greenwood Week as well as the Origins Advisory Group, and she was even initiated into the Pittsburgh Courier’s Fab 40 under 40 in 2019!


     Through her beauty supply business as well as her community service initiatives, LaShesia aspires to create safe spaces for discussions about Black beauty. She is a teacher at heart, and enjoys providing her friends and clients with in-person hair tutorials. In addition, she is supportive of transracial adoptive parents and serves as an educational source for those wanting to learn more about caring for and styling natural hair. When she is away from work, LaShesia enjoys spending time with her three children and improving her own health through exercising and catching naps when she can. Even when she is out of the office, LaShesia can be found researching and brainstorming for the future of her business and how she may continue to serve and improve the lives of the Black community.

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