Angelina Crosby-Pigott, I Have Chosen to Live


Angelina Crosby-Pigott, "The W.O.K.E. Strategist," is a mother, entrepreneur, project management professional, speaker, and author who uses her personal and professional experiences to empower others to elevate themselves. 


Angelina defines W.O.K.E. as a "Wise, Observant, Knowledge-seeker, pursuing Excellence."


"The W.O.K.E. Strategist" is the summation of a woman who has lived a multifaceted life personally as a teenage mother, single-parent, wife, ordained minister, church planter, and now a widow. Professionally, Angelina is an entrepreneur and project management professional with over 20 years of experience in the Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Power industries. 


Angelina is aware of her gifts and has the wisdom to utilize them strategically. She is a woman who builds to create opportunities for herself, her families, and her community. Angelina empowers others to elevate themselves through "The W.O.K.E. Strategist" retreats, bestselling books, speaking engagements, strategic coaching sessions, and corporate consulting. 


Angelina's mission in life is to "educate to elevate" others by teaching them the knowledge and tools necessary to "Elevate Themselves." Her vision is to empower others to rewrite their stories and build a legacy that is pressure-proof.